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Product Phone

52% of customer interactions happen by phone.

Contexta enables you to search through customer sales & service calls and automatically label them. 

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Using advanced speech-recognition, machine-learning and text-mining tools we enable you to get direct and actionable insights into why a customer is contacting you.

Automatically add relevant labels to every incoming phone call

Track your important customer topics

Detect trends in customer call behavior

Analyze overall customer satisfaction scores

Our products

Customisable Speech Engine

Our highly accurate speech engines can be customised to match your industry.

We offer engines for Dutch (broadcast and telephone) and English (broadcast and telephone). Our software runs as a SAAS solution but also works as an on-premises solution.


Our engines can be trained to detect specific words that are relevant for your industry.


We translate speech in less than half the duration of the audio.

Speaker Distinction

Our engines can detect how many speakers are taking part in a conversation and determine who is saying what.

Detect phrases

For compliance purposes, companies often need to understand whether or not certain phrases are mentioned during a phone call. Our software can automatically detect whether [or: when?] these phrases occur.

Customer Engagement Analytics

We believe that bringing down speech to text is only the first step.

The real value comes in distilling topics and sentiments into plain text. Therefore we deliver a complete solution that can not only translate speech but also label it automatically and make it useable for advanced analysis.


Topic - and sentiment detection

Our engines can automatically classify topics and sentiments. Using both supervised and unsupervised learning, we can help you automatically distill what your texts or calls are about.

Analyze other (unstructured) data sources

Our software package can be easily combined with unstructured data sources like email-, chat- and social media data. Combining all these sources gives you an excellent overview of what your customers talk about in different channels.

Instant Analysis

Our solution comes with an easy-to-use analytics platform that allows everybody to quickly analyze different sets of unstructured data and create neat data visualizations.


Contexta Transcription works with:

  • Dutch
  • English
  • German

Using our highly accurate speech-to-text engines we transcribe audio files and let you adjust the errors with an easy-to-use interface.

About us

Proven expertise in machine learning and text mining.

We work on cutting-edge technology with a team of multidisciplinary data scientists covering topics like data visualization, machine learning, text mining and artificial intelligence (AI). Our software solution is developed in close collaboration with leading academic departments in Europe in the area of speech recognition and speech mining.

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Our Team

Marc van der Peet

Co-founder and CEO

Marc holds a master’s in Finance from the University of Twente and has several years’ experience working in data-analytics consultancy. Within Contexta Marc is responsible for Sales and Business Development.

Tim Harbers

Co-founder and CTO

Tim holds a master’s in Artificial Intelligence from Cornell University (USA) and has over 8 years’ experience. As CTO Tim is responsible for technical operations.

Prins Jaspal

Co-founder and CRO

Prins worked as a former Sales Lead of Salesforce Platform, where he has led and grown the platform solutions including AI & IoT,  and is a former top performer at AppDynamics (acquired by Cisco) and Maxymiser (acquired by Oracle).  Within Contexta Prins is responsible for the end-to-end commercial operations, P&L, growth & customer success. 

Armin Oliya

Data Scientist

Armin holds a master’s in Computer Science from the National University of Singapore. Within Contexta Armin works as a data scientist focused on optimizing current speech to text engines.

Samy Shehata

Data Scientist

Samy holds a master’s in Security and Mobile Computing. Within Contexta Samy focuses on Natural Language Processing to create more value from textual data.

Cristina Guerres Flores

Speech Scientist

Cristina holds a PhD. in fusion approaches for Speech Recognition. Within Contexta Cristina works as a data scientist focused on optimizing current speech to text engines.

Advisory Board

Cees van de Heijkant

Former CEO of KPN Mobile and Raet software

Cees is the former CEO of KPN Mobile and software company Raet and has a great track record when it comes to building and selling SAAS solutions. Cees currently holds a position as advisor within the leading global private equity firm CVC Capital Partners

Daniel Gebler

CTO Picnic

Daniel is the former head of R&D from Fredhopper and is currently active as CTO of Picnic, worlds fastest growing supermarket chain which recently picked up  100 million in funding.

Laurens van der Werff

Laurens has a long history of developing speech engines. and is the main architect of a well known Dutch open source framework -=. He currently works as a postdoc researcher at the University of Twente.

Philip Green

Former CFO of Groupon, Deliveroo, and Head of Finance for Amazon EU

Philip Green is the former CFO of Groupon, Deliveroo, and Head of Finance Europe for Amazon in their early day's.  Philip is a experienced Chief Financial Officer who demonstrated proven history of scaling high growth companies and currently working as advisor for Contexta to help them to scale the business in to other key European markets and support in their fundraising process.